Purewick Female External Catheter



Product Overview

Bard PureWick Female External Catheter is designed to provide a simple, noninvasive option for women’s urine management. This flexible and contoured catheter positions between the labia and gluteal muscles to maintain an entirely external method, making things easier for caregivers and providing more comfort for the patient. Bard External Female Catheter is simple and intuitive for the user, comfortable and contoured for the patient, and can be used while the patient is lying down, seated, and even asleep. The Purewick catheter one-size-fits-most design makes this a great choice for hospital use.


How PureWick Works

PureWick Female External Catheter by Bard works with a low-pressure vacuum, such as DeVilbiss Suction Aspirator Machines, that pulls the urine. The urine makes its way through the vinyl tubing and eventually arrives at the storage container that keeps the urine away from the body. The wicks are comfortably positioned between the labia and gluteus muscles noninvasively.


Features and Benefits

  • Noninvasive Technique
  • Optimal Urine Measurement
  • Designed for Patient Comfort
  • Intuitive and Easy To Use
  • Made Specifically for Women


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How often should the PureWick be changed?
A: The PureWick should be replaced at least every 8 to 12 hours or if soiled with feces or blood.

Q: Does using PureWick impact mobility protocol?
A: No. Remove and set the PureWick Bard PWF030 aside to accommodate mobility. Reposition the product when the patient is ready.

Q: Can we turn a patient who is using the PureWick?
A: Yes. Remove the device before turning the patient. After repositioning, the product can be put back in place. If the patient is lying on her side, lift her leg before removing or repositioning the product.


Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Becton Dickinson
  • Brand: Bard Medical
  • Sub-Brand: PureWick
  • Product Number: PWF030
  • Sex: Female
  • User: Adult
  • Size: One Size Fits Most
  • Sterility: Nonsterile
  • Latex-Free: No
  • Sold by: 1 Each or Case of 30
  • Application: External Catheters
  • UNSPSC Code: 42000000


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